Monday, 25 February 2008


The flights were totally uneventful thank goodness all on time in fact the London leg was early, our baggage arrived the same time as us which was a relief. I can't say I was thrilled to be back in England it's always nice coming home, but this time because we had such an amazing trip and the fact Lindsay and the girl's had joined us, so we weren't missing them, I did get a feeling of sadness that it was all over.
On arrival at the airport, I had to pick the car up from the repairers, which required me to get a taxi to Slough about 6 miles away, as I walked out of the terminal, taxi's were waiting on the rank I thought great, I told the driver where I wanted to go, "that'll cost you fifty five pounds mate", "what" fifty five quid for a 6 mile journey? "yep your outside the Met area so we can charge what we like", so with that I told him where to stick his cab as I was walking away a chap came up and said "I'll do it for twenty five", "twenty" was my response, "OK twenty" with that I was on my way, my thoughts in the car were the first person I've spoken to in England for five and a half weeks was that cabbie who was prepared to rip me off, what must foreign travellers think when the first thing they are confronted with is jerks like him.
All the motorways were clear so as a result we were home inside two hours, the dog "Dudley" went nuts he seemed so glad to see us.
Well that's it I can only say we have had the most brilliant time, now it seems to have gone quick, but in reality we've done so much, when I look back at that first drive on American soil up to Big Sky that does seem a while ago. I can honestly say we never met anybody in America that was anything other than a delight to talk with, we never heard the whole time we were there anyone swear or behave in a manner that could be deemed obnoxious. As I have mentioned before people often say in England we are becoming Americanised, well maybe that would not be an all bad thing they still have the respect for each other that we once had, how we have gone from the respectful society we were when I was a kid, to what we are today still escapes me.
Not to repeat myself but I'm so glad we've done it, Angus I feel has grown up a little and that he will remember this Adventure for the rest of his life as will I. On that note I would take the opportunity to thank everyone who has taken time out to read our blog and once again to all those that contributed to it, I shall miss writing it up.

Finally Lindsay thanks I love you very much PAK xxxxxx


Friday, 22 February 2008


So this is it, nearly the end of PK AND THE GOOSE'S fantastic trip, it feels our quest began in deepest winter, and is ending in bright spring sunshine. Since leaving England we have skied a total of 31 days, the surprising thing being is that we have not been ill or picked up an injury. ( not for the want of trying). We reckon that in the time we've been here we have skied in excess of 700 miles, (most of which in the upright position,) have met dozens of different people, visited four states within the USA, driven close to a thousand miles and by the time we get home, flown some 11,500 miles.
The one thing that hasn't happened which we expected, was to lose weight if anything, we've put it on, to eat healthily over here is very difficult and it's not got any easier since Lindsay Russ, Sue and the girls showed up. When I was just with Angus, I might of had one or two beers a day, whereas since their arrival it's beer,beer and beer so one of the first things I need to do when I get home is start a diet!!!!
Russ was suffering from food poisoning today surprisingly I've never heard of Stella, Long Johns Lager, Bulldog Lager and Budweisser referred to as food before, anyway after laying down for a few hours "a miracle" he's cured, he was so pleased he celebrated with a glass of beer.
We skied our last run about an hour ago I was filled with a number of mixed emotions, glad that we had done it, sad that it as over , and tremendously grateful to all the people that made it possible, of course without my wonderful Lindsay it probably would have remained a dream, but with her support it became possible, also I would like to thank everyone who works with us for all the extra time, effort and support they have put in since I've been away.So thank you very much to front of house Jaquie, Antonio, Hazel ,Michelle and the boys in the engine room Ian, Jamie, Joe thanks guys.
There is also all the friends and family who have contributed to the blog by way of messages and encouragement, it's been fun reading them all especially when stuck in a hotel room in places like Jackson Hole with a blizzard raging outside (that's when the advice from Uncle Buck kicked in) or when sitting on a lift in Utah where I could overwhelm my fellow passengers with inane facts about the state of Utah, as supplied by Mike Cochrane, by the way Mike those facts got 11 "oh really is that so's" on the trot from Trudy at The Chateau. Hearing from people always felt as if we were carrying a bit of home with us.
We went to dinner tonight at Clementines as a special treat, it's the only restaurant in town where they don't pile the knives and forks in the middle of the table, where the words Sub, Sandwich and Wrap do not appear on the menu, hence the chances of a fellow diner's first bite resulting in a squirt of mayo or mustard hitting you is slim. The meal was fine and over it everyone agreed that the holiday has been a good one.
I also heard from Jon Watts today who is back in Sauze Douix, I think it may be his second home, he loves to ski and this is one of his favourite places.
Tomorrow we head off for blighty so there will be no blog until Monday, which will be the concluding chapter, I hope to find the words to give our final feelings about the trip.




Thursday, 21 February 2008


Not much to report today, the girls had their last lesson of the week, very enjoyable apparently, but for me skiing single and double diamond blacks all morning is not top of my list the of things to do, the odd one is ok for me now days.
Tomorrow is our last day skiing, so we have decided on a video shoot everyone has got to strut their stuff on the mountain, it should be interesting.
Its always a bit of a come down the last day especially as we all feel the last two weeks have flown, but the one thing to look forward to is the few beers after the final run.
The one thing Angus and I are not worried about is the packing five minutes and we're done.
Freya took a photo of me in the hot tub tonight, lucky you can see my hands, but what worries me if I was asleep fine, if not what!! was I looking at? (Any suggestions).



Wednesday, 20 February 2008


The girls had a lesson booked, Sue and Russ were off doing their own thing, which left Lindsay, Angus and I , and as it happens we had a lovely morning together we skied some areas we hadn't been to as yet this time round. As I have mentioned before to get the perfect skiing conditions are rare, we haven't got the perfect conditions but they are good, no new snow , but plenty of sun with mild temperatures about -1c there is so much snow here, so a few dry days is not an issue in fact it's a positive bonus, the light is almost perfect, which to a degree makes skiing a lot safer.Again we met a whole load of different people, there are a lot of Aussies here and I have got to say much like the Canadians we do have a common bond with them. I personally find them to be "bonzer" ( a little Aussie slang I thought I'd throw in) people who are quick to laugh and enjoy life to the full.
There was a lunar eclipse here tonight I took a few shots their not great but it gives you the idea.
Angus and I over lunch were wondering how many miles we have skied since we left England we have worked out a formula for calculation ,it's not exactly it's not rocket science but we should have on answer for Saturday.
We were all pretty cream crackered tonight me included so the blog will be brief, a good day is forecast for tomorrow so early night, out up up and away sharp tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


The days seem to be galloping away for everyone, I suppose when your having fun time passes all to quickly, I can always remember being at party or somewhere and saying what's the time? and hearing 12.15, that's earlier than I thought! then what felt like 20 minutes later saying whats the time? 4.25 WHAT!!!! well that's how this holiday is going for us.
For Angus and I it's a bit different we were sitting in the hot tub tonight reflecting on what we have done so far, although Big Sky is a while ago it's still vivid in both our minds I think it will still take a long time before we both fully realise what a fantastic time we have had, and it's still not over.
Angus in ski camp has teamed up with two brothers from Seattle Sam and Dillon they are having a hoot, after skiing this evening he went round their place building a snow fort, the kids parents are really charming Charlie and Jane he's a writer, and she a lawyer yet more people we have met who have invited us to call in when ever we're in Seattle.
The girls had a great time at ski instruction they were in hysterics when we met up with them, they had an instructor they both loved, he was all the things teenage girls adore young, good looking, trendy and funny ( much like myself) so guess what more instruction tomorrow!
I met a chap today over a coffee and bun, he is a New Zealander and ski's for NZ in the nordic cross country his name is Nat Algram maybe another Olympian in the making, and a really nice fellow to boot.
One of the things that's been hard to chronicle in the blog is sheer amount of people we've met, when skiing travelling on the lifts is all part of it, therefore every twenty minutes or so you find yourself sitting with people you've never met before for the 10 minute journey up the mountain, and you would be amazed what your told, in fact by the end of the ride you often dismount the lift with a little more knowledge than you started with, that is one of the things that has drawn me to this sport for so many years.
We ended up at Long John's bar tonight with Steve Todd on keyboards, a good musician who can play practically everything , our friend Euan showed up so a good night was had by all.



Monday, 18 February 2008


Another lovely sunny day almost perfect skiing weather, Angus and I experienced our first day in four and a half weeks of temperatures above freezing (+1c) and very pleasant it was.
Russ and I took the kids tubing tonight , Russ done the runs with them brave chap, however the temperature plummeted Freya's face went blue, Steph's shoulders were up to her ears and Angus's teeth were clattering like a set of castanets, time to go. It's easy to understand at times like these how people are lost to exposure.
Lindsay and Sue made dinner tonight skiers penicillin, Spag Bol and garlic bread luverly. We all survived it to watch the dvd Die Hard 4 a load of old cods wallop but entertaining and the nice thing about American dvd's no swearing. The thing to spot in the Die Hard movies is how the shade
of Bruce Willis's white vest keeps on changing.
We took photos today but some Indian bloke kept pushing Russ out of the way and taking his place, and boy, was he fast we never managed to catch him.
Uncle Buck has been in touch in the commments again, he has certainly been around keep it coming UB.
Tomorrow another sunny day so spring like skiing hooray!!!



Sunday, 17 February 2008


We had a prefect day in terms of the weather, sunny, blue skies and not to cold the downside it was very busy mainly because this is Presidents Day weekend, it's a bank holiday on Monday in the USA and as a result there is a great influx of Americans luckily most leave on Monday so the mountain will quieten down a great deal tomorrow.
Sue had a lesson today,she skied a few runs she certainly wouldn't of had she had been with us, she is having one more tomorrow which I feel will really boost her confidence.
Although they insist they told me, but when I don't recall when , I have learnt today that Jamie and Emma are expecting their second child I am really pleased for them, so congratulations to you both and see you when I get back.
It's amazing the run that I did in Silver Star last year which inspired my trip seems quite tame now, I ran it top to bottom as my first run back in Silver Star, it was still as good but this time I barely needed to catch breathe, the difference of being, nearly four and a half weeks on the ski hills is quite astounding.