Monday, 11 February 2008


This is hard to believe but it snowed all day put down a good 10".
The kids went off for lessons this morning Freya and Steph to adult classes, Angus to morning ski camp Lindsay, Russ, Sue and I headed off up the mountain although very snowy it was'nt cold we were out for a couple of hours, having fun but then the snow became more intense, it was time to pick the girls up, that we did, whereon we decided to head for the refuge of the nearest bar for refreshments and lunch,we waited for Angus's lesson to finish and we all had a a nice lunch discussing each others day so far.
After lunch Freya and I went back onto the mountain, in our absence a considerable amount of snow had fallen, so we chose to do one of the more difficult runs where the snow was particularly deep it was a good bit of fun and I am very proud of Freya for she has become a extremely proficient skier, we did a few more trips up the mountain before finally calling it a day.
One of the bits of skiing I really look forward to is the hot tub after being out for the day, to relax in a tub is ecstasy , and quite surreal when the temperature is -8c. We all had a very enjoyable hour or so in the pool and hot tub with the odd beverage to keep us going.
I heard from number one son Brad a couple of days ago, and I would hope that he, Sue and the girls will join us one time on one of these trips. I know he is off skiing with a load of chaps from his local pub, he's a good skier and I'm sure they will have a great time.
There is a good day in prospect tomorrow with promise of sun, so fingers crossed lets hope it happens.



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peter&jacquie said...

Well, if we both new you can have that much fun "SKIING" we would of packed our swim wear and joined you all.

Does Sue do all Her skiing in the bedroom / bed.

Still great reading and keep the photo's coming as it helps cheer us up during these wintery days. (Unlike the real winter you all are enjoying).

I hear a rumour that Peter has been flashed by several speed cameras on some runs of late, is
this true ???

Stay Safe Keep Good, all our love P & J