Thursday, 7 February 2008


As this was or last full day in America we felt a visit to the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics was a must it was helped by the fact the weather again was snow, but forecast for sun in the afternoon, with that we were off. The Olympic site is only about 8miles from Park City. and the area we were visiting was where the Ski Jump, Luge , 2 and 4 man Bobsled and Skeleton. I must say when the Americans do things they do it well, the tour was well organised and all for $10 how bad. Whats surprising is how well known Eddie the eagle Edwards is after all these years, the minute they knew we were English he was mentioned not bad for someone who won nothing, and the joke was when I asked who won gold at those games nobody knew including me. Having now stood at the top of those jumps it takes real guts to do what these fella's do.
We skied this afternoon and of course it snowed, more powder! in fact its 10.15pm and it's just stopped there's a couple of photos just to show how much we've had in the last couple of days.
One of the daft little games Angus and I play is spot the 20 year old suit, these are people who swear by the old 1 piece very popular in the late 80s we've included some photo's of our spots also a size 24 for Uncle Buck.
Well the American leg of our is at an end, I am so glad that I could, and have done it, although I do feel sorry to leave we've met so many nice people from all over the country and they have been a delight, self effacing, humorous, polite nothing as I imagined although the women do have a tendency to shout. The one thing I have never come to grips with is tipping like who to tip when to tip and how much , it's strange the Aussie chap I met in Big Sky said the same. I suppose we must of got it about right because no one has hurled any insults at us yet. I will some day come back in the summer if only to satisfy my curiosity as to what it would all look like without snow and the locals constant urging to return in the summer. At no point have we been bored it's just been the most marvelous time and it's not over yet tomorrow Canada, where we can't wait to meet up with Lindsay and the girls , in the meantime thanks America we'll be back.
I don't think at this point in his life that Angus is totally aware of where he's been or what he's done, it's just been a great adventure to him ,but I'm sure as the years go by he will realise what a fantastic experience this has been.



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