Friday, 8 February 2008


I am now convinced the snow gods are with us, we have just left Utah after days of snow with a forecast of calm milder and sunny weather, only to turn up in Calgary with -15c temps and loads of snow, Sun Peaks our first destination in Canada has just had half a metre of the white stuff in the last 36 hours so it all looks pretty good.
Lindsay the girls Russ and Sue arrive tomorrow and we are both really looking forward to seeing them.
There are some things you do in your life that you feel are almost guided by a sixth sense, knowing Lindsay and co had to be at Heathrow for 9.00am and having to park and so forth I felt just in case the car played up or the weather was bad, why not go for hotel and park deal that gets them there the night before and no rushing in the morning, seems like a good idea.
Guess what the bloody car broke down, fortunatley only a few minutes from their final destination, was booking a hotel a good move or what!!
Our journey was less traumatic in fact boring, it's hard to believe that getting into an aeroplane and travelling at 600mph could be less stressing than driving to the airport.
The hotel we are in is having problems with it's internet connection, this short entry has taken best part of 30 minutes all ready, so I will conclude for now but be back tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pete

Your entry for thursday 7th Feb is spooky especially the pic of the dude in the yellow suit. It's an absolute spitting image of me togged up. Now you know why I am never missed on the piste.

Hope family arrives OK and you/they still recognise you both.

Have continued fun