Thursday, 14 February 2008


Guess who forgot Valentine's I am putting it down to the time difference,unlikely to get away with it but you can live in hope.
Without doubt there are some fundamental differences between us and the North Americans apart from the language. For a start when eating, everything on the plate must be cut up to bite size pieces, in order that the fork may be transferred to the right hand thus enabling the diner to spend the rest of their meal stabbing at the food on their plate, also the minute you finish regardless of anyone else on the table, your plate is whisked away, ultimately leaving one poor soul to finish all on their own ( this has never happened to Angus). Finally when asked will there be anything else and you say no we're fine thanks, within a millisecond the bill is presented, in no way would they wait for you to ask for the bill, all very strange. Also choices are endless we went for breakfast and " The Engineers Breakfast" looked the closest to a good old British fry up, so three of us went for it, now the questioning how would you like your eggs sunny side up, over easy , scrambled or omelette? umm over easy please, bacon do you want maple, smoked , unsmoked or green? umm unsmoked please, sausages do you want pork, beef, cumberland or buffalo (buffalo!!!!) umm pork please, toast white, brown ,sourdough or rye? oh dear white please, coffee, juice or water? coffee please,decaff or regular? regular please, and two juices with pulp or without? for crying out loud just bring us a regular breakfast!!!!
Russ on the mountain today wanted spaghetti with meat balls, so sir you want spaghetti bolognese with meat balls? no I just want meat balls no bolognese ok sir what pasta would you like? spaghetti please, with bolognese sir? no with meat balls, Spaghetti bolognese with meat balls coming up sir "sigh" ok fine, and what salad would you like sir? I'm ok thanks I don't eat salad, but sir you have GOT to have one it comes with the meal, OK a green salad please, what dressing would you like sir? "sigh" your choice, you've got it sir.
All said we are having a great time the weather is good, hotel is top hole,apart from the menu interrogation the food is fine, and the beer "hic" luverly.

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