Monday, 18 February 2008


Another lovely sunny day almost perfect skiing weather, Angus and I experienced our first day in four and a half weeks of temperatures above freezing (+1c) and very pleasant it was.
Russ and I took the kids tubing tonight , Russ done the runs with them brave chap, however the temperature plummeted Freya's face went blue, Steph's shoulders were up to her ears and Angus's teeth were clattering like a set of castanets, time to go. It's easy to understand at times like these how people are lost to exposure.
Lindsay and Sue made dinner tonight skiers penicillin, Spag Bol and garlic bread luverly. We all survived it to watch the dvd Die Hard 4 a load of old cods wallop but entertaining and the nice thing about American dvd's no swearing. The thing to spot in the Die Hard movies is how the shade
of Bruce Willis's white vest keeps on changing.
We took photos today but some Indian bloke kept pushing Russ out of the way and taking his place, and boy, was he fast we never managed to catch him.
Uncle Buck has been in touch in the commments again, he has certainly been around keep it coming UB.
Tomorrow another sunny day so spring like skiing hooray!!!



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