Wednesday, 20 February 2008


The girls had a lesson booked, Sue and Russ were off doing their own thing, which left Lindsay, Angus and I , and as it happens we had a lovely morning together we skied some areas we hadn't been to as yet this time round. As I have mentioned before to get the perfect skiing conditions are rare, we haven't got the perfect conditions but they are good, no new snow , but plenty of sun with mild temperatures about -1c there is so much snow here, so a few dry days is not an issue in fact it's a positive bonus, the light is almost perfect, which to a degree makes skiing a lot safer.Again we met a whole load of different people, there are a lot of Aussies here and I have got to say much like the Canadians we do have a common bond with them. I personally find them to be "bonzer" ( a little Aussie slang I thought I'd throw in) people who are quick to laugh and enjoy life to the full.
There was a lunar eclipse here tonight I took a few shots their not great but it gives you the idea.
Angus and I over lunch were wondering how many miles we have skied since we left England we have worked out a formula for calculation ,it's not exactly it's not rocket science but we should have on answer for Saturday.
We were all pretty cream crackered tonight me included so the blog will be brief, a good day is forecast for tomorrow so early night, out up up and away sharp tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hey guys its jack, i sent a message to you and it was really long and really good too, but you didn't recieve it so i was a bit annoyed at that. i cant remember what i wrote in it either so ill just put what i can rememeber in. i wanted to say i thought all your photos were great peter, and angus you look like your having lots of fun. unsurprisingly my favorite photos are of your Jeep!! i can't wait to come back and see you, im going to try and come back to dover as soon as i can. im really happy that you've enjoyed your trip. nan and i read lots of the updates together and enjoyed them so much. i think my dad has really taken to your blog too! he's sent more messages than anyone!
i think you will both remember this for the rest of your life too. see you soon. all the best, xxx jack