Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Sun Peaks is turning out to be a very nice resort, there's not loads to do at night, but thats never much of an issue on a skiing trip because nine times out of ten most evenings everyone is dog tired, much like tonight. There are two mountains here Mount Tod and Mount Morriesey the latter being mainly unpisted and gladed it's very nice, I spent the afternoon there.
Although it's snowed here and it's very good, the quality does not compare with Utah ,they claim to have the best snow in the world, and I'm inclined to believe them. Going to Utah has'nt done me any favours for I can't see myself going any where else in future, there are so many great mountains cheek by jowel there, your spoilt for choice, although Canada still offers an awful lot.
We ate out tonight in a Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurant their menu is not laid out any where near like ours are at home, so it, always difficult to make a choice, so like true Brits abroad we went for safety and ordered the set meals. The one thing that really irks me here is the waiting staffs expectation to get a tip regrdless of the quality of service. I have decided from tonight all my tips will be based on the quality of service, bad service=no tip, regular service=an ok tip, good service a big tip.Ironically I can see myself saving money.
I am absolutely knackered tonight so it's a short entry,but I'll try to do better tomorrow.


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