Saturday, 9 February 2008


It's 8.15am and the temperature in Calgary right now is -29c. Lindasy and co do not arrive until around 3.00pm so there is a few hours to kill Angus is still snoring his head off, the maid disturbed me crashing and banging outside, she's gone now so I will try to get another hour or so. The forecast for Sun Peaks is much warmer -5c almost balmy in comparison to what we have had over the past couple of weeks. I've checked their flight on the internet and its on time, in fact due to arrive 15 minutes early marvelous thing the internet saves so much hassle and you can virtually find out anything you want within seconds, like who won gold at Eddie the Eagle's games well it was Matti Nykanen from Finland who won gold on both hills I thought it only fair to give him a mention as we seemed to have been pre-occupied with the loser.
Everyone arrived in Calgary safely we had a few drinks before catching the flight to Kamloops it left a bit late, however we are all now safely ensconsed in Sun Peaks, the hotel is fine,it's great to see Lindsay and the girls they are tired but looking good. The bad news is Air Canada have lost Angus and my baggage we have absolutely nothing only the clothes we stand up in hopefully it will be good news in the morning.
We are now 8hrs behind England so adding to the blog in date order will be even more difficult.
It will seem strange skiing with everyone tomorrow having only us two for so long , I am really looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

PK & Goose

I am now thinking, you two are 'con merchants'

Am I right or wrong to think that your luggage, has by some chance gone AWOL in the past with the Crout!! airline and by some miracle, you just managed to get yourself, a new ski wardrobe and, although not used before, a skid lid!!